Ficus Lyrata


Ficus Lyrata is also known as ficus leaf fig.

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🌿leaf sizemedium
🌈leaf colormono

Ficus Leaf Fig care

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    Light exposure

    Fiddle leaf figs prefer lots of bright, filtered light. They love east-facing windows.

    For optimal fiddle leaf fig care, rotate your plant every few months when you notice it reaching for the light.

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    Water a Ficus Lyrata when the top 2" of the soil has dried out. Water well so that excess water drains out the drip holes in the bottom of the pot. Immediately empty excess water and do not allow a Ficus Alii to sit in water. New growth turns black and green leaves fall off from over -watering. Leaves become brown and crunchy, drop off, and may turn yellow when the plant needs water.

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    Average room humidity (around 40-50%). In case you live in a dry zone, try to elevate your humidity by grouping plants, misting them or with a humidifier.

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    Feed monthly with a well-balanced liquid fertilizer when the plant is actively growing. It's not necessary to feed a Ficus Leaf Fig during the winter and fall.

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    • Mist the leaves to increase humidity.
    • Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth and gently dry to keep them clean and healthy.

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